Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wearing Wardrobes with Animal Prints

Wardrobes with animal prints are one of the latest fashion trends nowadays. Animal prints gives you the wild look. I haven't worn wardrobes with animal prints yet. But, if you are a fan of this wild prints, be careful not to overdo your outfit. 

When wearing outfits with animal prints, I recommend you to pair them with classic or neutral colors. Outfits with animal prints will look much better when it is worn on the right occasion. Unless you are going of to a costume party and being a wanna-be cat woman. Wearing such clothes can always capture someone's eyes and make people focus on you.

Here are some tips on wearing animal print outfits from Yahoo! Voices:

Start in small steps

If you are still a newbie and is not confident enough to wear such outfits, start off by trying on animal print bags or purse. You can also try to wear shoes with animal prints on it. Or, you can kick off your outfit by having animal print accessories.

Pair animal prints with black

Black clothes always look good on any color of clothes you pair it with. To give your animal print outfit a classic look, try pairing it with black.

Choose bigger animal prints

Sometimes, it is much better to choose bigger prints. Look for outfits with larger and more defined prints as very small prints can create a dizzying effect. Wearing animal print attires can be appropriate in the office when you pair it with black shoes or with a cardigan.

So, those were the steps that can make you more confident on wearing wardrobes with animal prints. One should always remember that an outfit won't look great if the one wearing it is not confident. Now, start wearing those animal prints without looking flashy.