Sunday, December 16, 2012

The 4th Philippine KPOP Convention

And so, I heard about this 4th Philippine KPOP Convention. The Philippine KPOP Convention is the biggest KPOP event in the country. Not to mention, the KPOP Convention is organized by KPOP fan clubs in the Philippines. The convention unites KPOP fans all over the country. Aside from that, the convention also does a fund raising activity that supports Gawad Kalinga and PAWS.

It's where you can see high profile people not only from the local media but also from the international media. The event gives you a chance to get to see your KPOP idols and be updated with the official album launches of your idols. 

You can also vote for them to win on the 4th Philippine KPOP Awards. You can vote for them online. Click the photo below to get redirected to their voting app:

As the major sponsor of the Philippine KPOP Awards, Globe Prepaid will be giving away an iPhone 5 to one lucky fan. They will also be giving away freebies for everyone like free KPOP downloads during the event.

Who knows? If you go there, you get a chance to win that iPhone 5 plus you also get to see your favorite idols.

Aside from the Globe Prepaid giveaway, there will also be other sponsors who will be giving freebies to those who will visit their booth during the event. You can check them out by visiting the Facebook page of the Philippine KPOP Convention. You can visit their FAQ page if you have questions regarding the event and event contests.

Yeah! I know that this starter blog of mine is a fashion blog and this post right now is about KPop. But, who cares? I love KPop and I really idolize Koreans for their artistic and awesome fashion sense.

Well, let’s talk about Korean fashion. I love how they blend in outfits with different colors and still look stunning. I love how Koreans blend outfits with bright colors without looking too flashy. I mean, other women who wear bright colors, neon colors - to make it specific, don't look good. I wonder how Korean ladies do that. Maybe I'll do a more intensive research about that and post a Korean fashion style guide.

The photo above which I grabbed from the FB Page of Basic House is a peek on how Koreans dress. You can see that the outfits are simple yet makes the person wearing it look classy. Basic House will also be present during the KPOP Convention. They will be giving away gift certificates for whoever wins on the KPop Con K-Fashion Invasion.

So many perks and freebies to be excited about. Aside from Globe Prepaid and Basic House, Standard, the most trusted appliance brand in the Philippines will also be giving away appliances to those who will win on some contests during the event. Oh, I just remembered how I grew up having seen that all our appliances at home are from Standard. I assure you that their appliances are really durable and will last a long time.

Wow! All those things really add to the excitement and fun during the event. Since the event is still on December 29, you still have a lot of time to be pretty. Who knows? You might win a free dinner date to your favorite KPOP boy group. For all the ladies out there, you can try on Ponds. It's the number one skin care product in the Philippines. If you want to look more like your KPOP idols, you can try Lioele. Lioele is a beauty line established in South Korea. Recently, it has opened its doors in the Philippines to share their beauty products not only to Filipino women but also to men who want to take care of their skin.

There will be a KPOP Look-Alike contest and the Kosplay Year IV. You might start looking for clothes to get the fashion looks of your KPOP idols. You may also experiment on those outfits to look fashionable during the event. 

Here are some tips which I came across through my research:


You can go shopping for Korean-style outfits. You can either choose to shop in the mall or in the internet. But, if you want a more affordable price, you can shop online. You can check on a variety of websites that sell Korean fashion outfits at an affordable price. You can view some photos to see what's hot in the Korean fashion trends. It also gives you a hint on what looks good on you. You know, it isn't just about, shopping. It's also about looking good on the outfits you bought.

Hair Style

You can search on Google and see how Korean ladies hair style looks like. You can also search on the Internet for some tutorials on how to do a certain hair style. When choosing a hair style, make sure it's presentable and goes well with the shape of your face and the outfit you'd be wearing. You don't wanna be there looking like there's a Christmas tree on your head, right?

Make Up

You can try on some eyeliner since it never fades out in the Korean fashion trend. You can also try on some lip gloss since most of the KPOP ladies likes wearing pink lipstick paired with lip gloss. Here's a tip: make it natural. Make sure that your make up is just right - not to heavy and not too light. 


And, this is the fun part. You shouldn't forget to accessorize yourself. Spiked accessories are also in trend. Just keep it simple and make sure that you don't over-accessorize yourself from head to toe.


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